County withdraws subpoena for commenters’ IP addresses in ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ case

MauiTime | Maui News | Honolulu Civil Beat
MauiTime publisher Tommy Russo says he was attacked in April by Dog the Bounty Hunter’s security team, then by a Maui Police Department officer (“Officer Johnson erroneously claimed my press rights didn’t include filming him against his wishes.”) In May, the police department and county prosecutor issued a subpoena for the IP addresses for all comments posted about the altercations during a specified 24-hour period; it was withdrawn last week. MauiTimes’ Anthony Pignataro writes:

And that was it. No apology for putting the legal screws to the paper, trampling the First Amendment, misusing the Grand Jury process or ignoring their own police procedures. Indeed, [the prosecutor's] letter indicates that a Maui PD investigator “will seek to locate and interview this person ["Federal Reserve"] regarding a specific comment posted on the Maui Time webpage on April 15, 2011 at regarding “[Officer] needs a bullet when he walks out his door.

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