White House press pool losing scoops to Twitter

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Some reporters in the rotating pool of journalists who chronicle the president’s movements are sending tweets and TwitPics before the pool reports go to all of their colleagues, and that’s creating problems. “The conventions dictate that the pool comes first — not the news organization or the individual,” writes Amie Parnes.

The issue, which has surfaced in recent months as more reporters embrace Twitter, has sparked a debate within the White House press corps about how much of such online activities should be allowed. …The White House Correspondents’ Association has created a task force to examine the matter, along with other pool-related issues involving changes in the industry.

In 2005, there were complaints about the pool reports — once distributed by hand — being emailed and posted on websites. “The sheer number of recipients and the electronic distribution practically assures that these once closely guarded documents end up online,” said Christopher Cooper. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank complained six years ago that the added scrutiny of the pool reports has “stamped all the fun out of it.”

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  • Anonymous

    ..the virtual white house press room…


    …that’s with a hyphen, cousin…

  • Anonymous

    Giving the OK to twitters is like approving smoke signals from the Brady briefing room….
    Get Real: Ban screaming fire in that congested press room…
    Advise undocumented bloggers to…”don’t brag about being one…”
    Come up with some of definition for so-called “citizen journalists.”
    For those who wanna play reporter…download this virtual press room…


    Old style method to disagree….land line  614-538-1822

  • http://www.nealjansons.com Neal Jansons

    Waaaaa! Mommy! I don’t get to control the flow of information anymore! Waaaaaaaa!

  • http://seanwardwell.tumblr.com Sean Wardwell

    The pool comes first? No. The public comes first – not the pool. The pool is a basically a media club. If the club has to get together to determine how fast information gets to the public which it ostensibly serves, especially if that information is only 140 characters long, then the club has its head up its ass and is intoxicated with the odor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dana-Blankenhorn/554742125 Dana Blankenhorn

    You just create a group tag like @whitehousepool and have all reporters attached to the White House join it. This isn’t rocket science. Then you have all pool tweets copied to the address.This doesn’t require a “task force.” Just a little netiquette.