Huffington Post writer who ‘over-aggregated’ Dumenco’s AdAge post is returning

Romenesko Memos
Amy Lee, the Huffington Post writer who was suspended for “over-aggregating” a post, is back, Huffington spokesman Mario Ruiz told me today via email:

“We have completed an internal review of the process and policies relating to the publication of stories on HuffPost, and are pleased to welcome Amy Lee back to our newsroom.  We are confident in her abilities and look forward to her contributions.”

He wouldn’t elaborate on the internal review or policies but said she’d return on Monday. Last Monday, Simon Dumenco complained that her summary of his post was so complete, it brought just 57 page views to his story. Huffington Post Executive Business Editor Peter Goodman agreed, apologized and suspended Lee, which prompted Dumenco to respond that Lee herself should get an apology because unethical aggregation is the norm at Huffington.
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  • Anonymous

    I’ll leave that to colonized minds such as yours, Dan. 

  • Dan Mitchell

    Have you yet typed out the word “Dimmycrat?” Or “libtard?” Has it gotten than bad?

  • Pink

    Simon is the last person to point the finger when it comes to ethics. He admittedly writes articles using SEO keywords to increase the hits instead of writing for the reader and topic. When a journalist puts SEO above facts and storytelling, who is to say that’s not garbage journalism? His rant was also unethical and unprofessional. A simple email to the writer and HuffPost seems to be what professional journalists do. But Simon seems to think his work is more valuable than someone else’s work. You go SEO boy.

  • Anonymous

    Why not. HuffingtonHoo needs all the brilliant plagiarists it can get.