‘I hope to see an innovative Twitter again’

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“I have so much of my career bet on it,” writes Robert Scoble, who’s been hearing Twitter employees, partners, investors complain about how badly-managed the company has been for months. Some of the gripes:

* There’s very little curiosity inside the product team at Twitter.

* Twitter doesn’t know what it wants to be and doesn’t have a consistent story of how it wants to proceed with partnerships.

* Engineers have been held back from shipping new features.

* There have been bad hires in the move to rapidly expand.

Google+ is really showing how bad the product team at Twitter has been doing. Quick, name five new features you’ve seen on Twitter in the past year. I can’t. Quick, name a meeting that Twitter’s management has had with any of the users. I can’t (Google is ALL OVER meeting with both big users and small here).

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  • http://wadeonbirmingham.com Wade Kwon

    You do have a choice. On Twitter.com, after logging in, click on your profile name in the upper right and then click on “Switch to Old Twitter” in the drop-down menu.

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  • Anonymous

    The new Twitter sucks. I won’t be using it. Give consumers the choice and let us use the old format.