African American journalists criticize MSNBC for possible Sharpton hire

Journal-isms |The New York Times
As MSNBC appears ready to hire activist Rev. Al Sharpton for its 6 p.m. time slot, some African American journalists are saying the move reflects an unfortunate trend at cable networks. In recent months, the NAACP and others have expressed concerns about the absence of African American hosts and anchors on nightly national news shows. While the hiring of Sharpton would change this, “this would still be just another non-journalist media ‘celebrity’ receiving a TV show based upon their name recognition, not their years of experience, training, ability and talent,” one NABJ member told colleagues, according to Richard Prince. Other African American non-journalists who have had their own cable news shows include CNN’s Jesse Jackson, Arthel Neville and D.L. Hughley, and MSNBC’s Alan Keyes and Carlos Watson.

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  • MuhammedX

    sadly as our media is constructed today, and the bias’ they infuse into their opining Op-Ed’s painted as news, what they need is not another left wing shill, Sharpton or some credentialed Journ-O-list approved black man or woman, but instead an independent thinker not beholden to the DNC or their subservient yes-men NAACP that might even (dare I say lean conservative? To put Sharpton, or some other DNC talking points person of color is nothing more than repainting the same old broke down car Black. How about a new car? A conservative Black man or woman, which their are untold numbers ignored every day by the mainstream media (fox included). Kevin Jackson comes to mind. The ones complaining are just loyal Democrats Black journalists who have once again been ignored. But then again, that’s what Democrat’s do (matters not whether it’s party politics or media) they use the Black folk as tools, like a hammer, to beat the “white racist” about the head and face (nothing like a Black man calling a White republican or conservative a racist for effect!!) and then when the “hammer” has served it’s purpose it’s put back in the toolbox. And Every good Democrat knows you don’t give the keys to the store to a hammer. It drives nails….period. Or miss Daisy. Racist Democrats. The only reliable thing in media and politics today. Use the Black man and woman when needed, overlook them for anything significant. Don’t worry Black Liberal journalists, the next time they need someone to cover racist Conservatives, they will have a job for you. Until then, better know your place.

  • David W

    I am all for it. This would give the race baiter something to do and we would know where he is for a hour each day. No one watches MSNBC anyway so there is no harm. 

  • David W

    I am all for it, it would give sharpton something to do, and at least we would know were he is for a hour a day, no one watches MSNBC anyway so whats the harm.

  • Anonymous

    stop complain because no one is there is one there and you want to now tell the network who to would be different if the person was a right wing nut..

  • Jon Fortt

    Not sure it’s fair to call Carlos Watson a non-journalist. He wrote for newspapers before he went into politics.