Sharpton cancels NABJ appearance over criticism of MSNBC job

Rev. Al Sharpton cancelled his appearance at the National Association of Black Journalists conference this week following comments NABJ members made about his possible hiring at MSNBC. NABJ members criticized MSNBC last week, saying it’s just the latest cable network to hire a black host based on celebrity status rather than journalistic skills. NABJ Secretary Roland Martin said he and NABJ President Kathy Times told Sharpton the comments were reflective of just two NABJ members, not NABJ as a whole. Nonetheless, Martin told NABJ members, Sharpton was “still upset by that and felt that by coming here and being a part, that would be the story.”

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  • Anonymous

    “Why is there such thing as the National Association of Black Journalists?”

    Sheesh, Isn’t it obvious?

  • Anna Celia Gallegos

    You don’t have to be African-American to join and there is no stipulation saying that only black journalists can join. There are many black Hispanics who are members of NABJ and/or of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Also, if those groups don’t have diverse enough boards, join Unity – Journalists of Color, Inc.

  • Anonymous

    Forget about Sharpton. Why is there such thing as the National Association of Black Journalists? A race based “journalism” organization? Really?

    What are they doing to encourage a more diverse membership? Do they have any white or Hispanics at the executive level? Do they have Asian, Anglo or Hispanic outreach programs?

    Seems that there is no diversity on their board or their management.

    Couldn’t you at least have a black Hispanic represented? There are black Hispanics you know.

    I guess you not only have to be black to be in this organization, but you have to be black and from a particular background.

  • Anonymous

    The worst thing about Sharpton at MSNBC is that he’s terrible at the job. He is unusually unprepared and hectors his guests. I mostly agree with his politics, but who cares? He was a bad hire, as bad as Michael Steele — nothing original or stimulating comes from either of these guys. 

  • Anonymous

    “…celebrity status rather than journalistic skills.”

    Absolutely true. They did this with Joe Scarborough too. Journalism by celebs/retired pols? It’s bad for the brain.