Is Denton about to win bet over Gawker’s post-redesign page views?

There’s about a month left until Nick Denton and Rex Sorgatz can settle their bet about whether the Gawker redesign hurt traffic. If the wager were based on August’s traffic, Denton would win, as Gawker Media’s page views hit 515 million.

Denton tweeted Tuesday night, “ page views hit all-time high: 19.1m in last seven days.” It isn’t only page views that have rebounded from the February dip after the new design; unique visitors are up, Denton told me by email. Just after the redesign, the site had 1.3 million uniques per week; that number has increased 54 percent to 2 million uniques.

The network as a whole has also recovered, Denton says. Post-redesign, the network had 7.8 million uniques a week. In the last seven days, the sites had 9.8 million unique visitors. And that was before Gawker published its latest story on Fox host Bill O’Reilly and his wife.

Quantcast shows page views in July exceeded page views before the February redesign.

By comScore’s numbers, the network is up in page views year-to-year as well. However, the network and all sites but are down in unique visitors year-to-year.

U.S. Unique Visitors (000) July 2010 July 2011
Gawker Media 18,937 16,634
GIZMODO.COM 6,530 5,322
GAWKER.COM 5,020 4,529
LIFEHACKER.COM 5,241 4,420
KOTAKU.COM 3,114 2,552
IO9.COM 2,170 2,279
JEZEBEL.COM 2,377 2,092
DEADSPIN.COM 1,794 1,781
JALOPNIK.COM 1,999 1,456

This same trend — page views up, uniques down — was apparent in April, though the sites have continued to make design tweaks since then, most significantly in July. || Earlier: Gawker sites see page views begin to return as Jezebel’s April traffic bests last year’s

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  • Anonymous

    But how do they now count page views? There is a lot of tricky JavaScript on their pages that may force the clicker to count a pageview when under IAB standards a page has not been really refreshed. Also given that their new design is very frames oriented (I’m using that term generically, not in a technical context), there isn’t a good apples to apples comparison. Uniques, however, don’t lie, or if they do, the design doesn’t affect the issues related to counting uniques via server-based or panel-based methods.

  • Anonymous

    Good reporting Julie. Very good. Nice way to set it up too.