Politico retools as Twitter disrupts its signature fast-paced blogging

Ben Smith says the speed with which news breaks and spreads on Twitter has disrupted the “win the morning” style of fast-paced blogging that he and other Politico writers have built their brand on since 2007. Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei says:

I think what Ben is wrestling with is, ‘Are blogs as viable and essential today as they were four years ago, or is Twitter in the process of replacing blogs?’ Can a blog still thrive as robustly today as it did four years ago? The answer might very well be ‘No.’

As a result, Politico is moving in the other direction, creating premium products like Politico Pro and forthcoming e-books to produce reporting where the value is based on quality and insight, not just speed. “I have thought about this theory that there is going to be a big resurgence of long-form journalism,” VandeHei told Adweek. “If you can’t punch through as easily with speed as you could in the past, the one thing you can do is you can punch through with quality.” || Related: Monday Note explores “Politico’s Way” || Earlier: Politico now making as much money online as in print

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  • http://Twitter.com/Ed Ed

    Politico is falling down because as [some] Americans finally wake up to our political reality, 
    and are slowly disillusioned from Plouffe’s role play, they are realizing that they don’t need another 
    shallow DNC shill. There are 100 of them, and they’ve been selling the people out.
    In time, you’ll see this is exactly what’s happening.