‘Little girl’ reporter defended by former editor

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Tom Mashberg edited Renee Dudley’s work when she was at the Boston Herald, and says the young reporter “stepped in cold and immediately broke big stories for me.” He adds that “the aim of Dudley’s reporting, then and again now in the matter of [South Carolina] Gov. Nikki Haley [expensing $127,000 for a weeklong trip to Europe], is to track and examine the expenditure of taxpayer money, and to force those government officials who spend it to justify the how and why.” Haley reacted to Dudley’s Charleston Post & Courier story by calling her “that little girl” trying to “create conflict.” Mashberg says his ex-colleague was “engaging in the most basic and important reporting task journalists have: to follow the money, and to see whether an official’s spending claims stand up to reality.” He adds:

It is perhaps to be expected that Gov. Haley, no doubt shamed and embarrassed by her poor handling of the matter, would resort to dismissive and insulting remarks. From my vantage point, it is clear that the 25-year-old reporter is showing far more maturity and professionalism than the person running your state.

“I decline comment,” Dudley emailed after I asked her reaction to Haley’s remarks. On Friday the governor said she regretted the “little girl” comment.

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  • Larry T. Doughty

    Follow the money, usually leads to bigger, and ‘better’  things, as we know. The unfortunate thing today, is that most newspapers just do not have the ‘investigative’ reporter on staff. Quite different from the olden days, in the newspaper industry.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3EVAQK6CD2OWQHKP6PALFBWXCM Francesca Lack

    Darryl Gibson is not in the news business. He’s in the shill business. Anyone who thinks it is inappropriate to report on the money spent by public officials is just the kind of fool politicians hope will populate the electorate. This part is great — “while results may be hard to find, it sure as hell doesn’t sound like anyone had any fun.” Yes, Darryl, that is the standard we should strive for. From here on I call on all newspeople to publish nothing but Gov. Haley’s “tweets.” We would not want poor Darryl to have access to the information he used above to defend the governor. Darryl clearly would have been happier the less he knew.

  • Darryl Gibson

     While the “little girl” epithet may be inappropriate, the story is a piece of crap.
    Gee, guess they’d want to eat tasteless French food and stay in 1 star hotels.
    $430 average for hotels in Europe is nothing special and anyone willing to travel on USAir certainly gets my sympathy.
    The governor may be a twit, but the story is full of twaddle.
    Golly, just imagine “rubbing elbows” with the US ambassador to France, “sipping cocktails” and having “warn meals” in your hotel room.
    Read the damn itinerary — while results may be hard to find, it sure as hell doesn’t sounds like anyone had time for fun — unless you consider glad-handing business assholes fun.
    This is exactly was is wrong with journalism — gosh, wish I could do at that neat stuff jealously masquerading as “investigation.”
    Somebody needs to get a life!

  • http://twitter.com/anitramichelle anitramichelle

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  • Anonymous

    When will Fitz McAden, executive editor of The Island Packet (HIlton Head, SC) weight in??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1033806645 John Parker

    Strange that a female governor who has helped break down the gender wall would use her detractors’ weapon against a kindred spirit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SeanScully Sean Scully

    Grrr. She needs to “Decline to comment.” To “Decline comment” means she was offered a comment by someone and she turned it down, as she might decline a cup of coffee or a ham sandwich. What she declined was not “comment” but an opportunity “to comment.”

    Having gotten that off my chest, I otherwise say “Right on” and keep up the good work, Renee.