Redesigned Facebook aims to become ‘your own personal newspaper’

The Facebook Blog | GigaOm
Facebook says it is trying to “act more like your own personal newspaper” with recent feature launches and design changes. The main “news feed” section now borrows an idea from newspaper front pages, highlighting “top stories” (the most interesting posts) before jumping into the chronological list of all recent posts from your friends. The point is to make sure users see any top stories they might have missed since they last checked the site, engineering manager Mark Tonkelowitz writes. Along with this change, there’s a new, real-time “ticker” of friends’ activity. Watch for more announcements at Facebook’s f8 conference Thursday. || Related: 5 things to know about the Facebook Subscribe feature | WSJ launches Facebook app for personalized news

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  • Mike Lange

    I’m with Jen Hilton. I do not need Facebook to tell me what’s important in my feed. I have the option of checking our my friends pages if I’m curious about their activities. This is micromanagement at its worse. I have not seen very many positive comments on it.

  • Anonymous

    In a few years — or maybe tomorrow — I will have stopped using it. I don’t want a computer or a mathematical algorithm telling me what I’m interested in. And I don’t want Facebook to turn into Twitter; I hate Twitter. If Facebook took Google’s lead and allowed us to design our own pages and make our own choices, that would be a great step in the right direction. Instead, they’re making the choices for us, and they’re nearly always wrong.

  • Amie Steffen

    Surprise — Facebook made a change and people are complaining!
    Honestly, in a few weeks, are you even going to remember how it used to be?

  • Jen Hilton

    Facebook did not need to institute these changes in order to be my own personal newspaper. I already viewed it as such, the way it was, as I could follow not only my friends and family personal news and their links to articles of interest, but various pages on Facebook which would update me on topics of priority. However, now, with the changes, there are several things I’m not seeing, and I’m having to jump through hoops to change settings and either remove or add things. And I don’t need Facebook deciding what is “important” to me or not, based on others’ feedback or whatever rubric they are using. It’s a mess, in my opinion. It remains to be seen if I can sort it out to my satisfaction, but I think they did their users a disservice by dumping these changes on us en masse.