Ebert: My memoir got ‘a dream review’ from NYT’s Maslin

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Reviews of Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself, are pouring in — Maureen Dowd’s was just posted — and the critics love it. “The book charms and entertains, but it also teaches,” Spencer Kornhaber writes in the Atlantic. Robert Feder, who worked with Ebert at the Sun-Times for decades, says his ex-colleague wrote a “warm, funny, insightful and thoroughly engaging” book. Ebert tweeted earlier today that “my book gets a dream review from Janet Maslin in the New York Times.” || NPR film critic John Powers said of Ebert:

Roger has never been one of those critics you read for his analysis. He’s a critic you read for his openness and enthusiasm. Because of that enthusiasm, you might almost say that he’s the original fanboy — breezy, personal and ready to share.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/danbloom Dan Bloom

    Ebert: My memoir got ‘a dream review’ from NYT’s Maslin…..Dream review, yes….and i agree with all over it except the first sentence which is a nice cute fib. the walk of fame star needs to be told as how it really happened, not that it was an award from Hollywood. Roger has admitted to me he paid for it….. and that’s cool…..PR is PR…but at least the NYT should deal in facts, not fibs…..

  • http://profiles.google.com/danbloom Dan Bloom

    And i love Roger and I love his book. It’s the Maslin fib about the walk of fame that needs to be addressed. All those stars on the walk of fame are paid PR gimmicks, promotional things, paid for by studios and celebs themselves, or their friends. In Rogers’ case, his Chicago pals paid for it. and it’s cool. but it’s not a real award or honor……come on, even Bill Geist of CBS News paid for a star for himself there……wake up Janet Maslin!

  • http://profiles.google.com/danbloom Dan Bloom

    But Maslin starts off her review, in the very first sentence, with a repetition of the canard that Ebert was awarded a star on the faux Hollywood Walk of Fame, which everyone knows is a paid PR gimmick.

    “Roger Ebert, the only film critic with a star on the Walk of Fame,” Maslin begins her review, neglecting to tell her readers at the sophisticated and truth-telling New York Times that Roger’s friends paid for the star in Los Angeles — to the tune of $25,000. It was not an award, and it was not an honor; his friends in Chicago nominated him and paid for the star to be there. Even Roger admits this.
    So why does Janet Maslin start off an otherwise lovely book review of a very great man with a fib? Ask her. I did, but she has chosen not to respond to me.

    But back to the review. And Ebert’s ”can’t put it down” memoir, titled, just like life itself, “Life Itself.”