AP photo of Michelle Obama shopping at Target may not have been luck

The Washington Post | Politico
Paul Farhi writes that there may be something to conservative criticism that the White House orchestrated a photo op of first lady Michelle Obama at Target last week. “Neither the White House nor the Associated Press will say how AP photographer Charles Dharapak came to be the only news photographer present at the Alexandria Target to capture Obama’s shopping excursion,” Farhi writes. AP spokesman Paul Colford said simply that “it was the result of good source work on his part.” A spokeswoman for Michelle Obama says that it’s not uncommon for her to “enjoy the city outside the White House gates,” but Farhi notes that it is unusual “and perhaps unprecedented” for a single news outlet to report on it — especially considering that the press generally doesn’t follow the first lady around. Moreover, Target requires news outlets to get permission in advance before photographing at a store, although Politico’s Julie Mason reports that the store manager didn’t know Obama was there until the end of her visit.

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  • Anonymous

    The White House was simply making use of its media arm, the Associated Press.  What’s the problem?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Omar-Felix/1011819809 Omar Felix

    Does she really need to go to Target to buy cleaning products for the White House? Only Liberals and Democrats believe this was genuine… This is nothing more than a photo op to connect with regular folks, many whom cant not even afford to shop at Target anymore thanks to hubby Obama

  • Anonymous

    The Obama administration never ceases to amaze me?  Just incredible!  And this was going to be the most open transparent administration in history?  How sad!

  • Anonymous

    The Obama administration never ceases to amaze me?  Just incredible!  And this was going to be the most open transparent administration in history?  How sad!

  • Anonymous

    What’s the use of staging these charades if no one buys it?. Whoever her “handlers” are they are a disgrace at their jobs. They make more of a joke of her than she already is. I mean really….Lysol ?

  • prosecutor

    When I saw that container of Lysol in her shopping cart I realized “yeah, you bet, the First Lady needs that to clean her own bathroom.”  Manipulation Central!

  • Anonymous

    One has to be pretty naive to beliee that the charade was anything but a photo op. All her housework is taken care of by her huge staff. Why would she be shopping for Lysol?  Unless Obama’s golf shoes were getting stinky.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=704457189 Staci D. Kramer

    I’ve taken news pictures in Target before without permission and survived.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HRW6VCJ4JZ527C44CKRLZHVT2M Afi

    I looked at that photo and I have to disagree with Farhi. That photo was quite blurry and lacked sharp focus. It looked like the photo recognized Michelle Obama, pulled out a smart phone and shot a quick, blurry photo. Then s/he stuck the phone back in his/her pocket, ran out to the car or parking lot and transmitted it. 

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t post my comments on the washintonpost.com site because comments were closed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annaliisa.covell Anna Liisa Covell

    And journalists are questioning why the public doesn’t trust them anymore??