The Daily scolds UK’s Daily Mail for lifting its Scientology series

The Daily
Staffers from the Daily iPad newspaper spent more than five weeks of reporting, writing, fact-checking and editing a two-part report on the most prestigious boarding school in the Scientology world. Last Friday — two days after the Daily’s series concluded — a remarkably similar story appeared in the Daily Mail. “Same quotes, same details, same ideas,” writes Benjamin Carlson. “In fact, there was no information in it that wasn’t contained in my article. How odd! Yet there was not one little link to our story anywhere at all (although they were kind enough to mention us a few times).” He points out that “it wasn’t quite plagiarism — that’s not how they make the sausage at the Mail. But they do run an impressive grinder and our story just got stuffed into it that day. Different product, same meat.” || Earlier stories:
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  • Pat Mustafa

    Of course the Daily Mail did this … the majority of British journalists are pathetic, craven, insecure, unprofessional hacks. They see nothing wrong with this type of behavior.

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  • Dan Mitchell

    I think at this point, it’s fair to refer to the staff of the Daily Mail as sociopaths, right?