Huffington Post’s Sam Stein first target of O’Keefe’s ‘To Catch a Journalist’

Does Huffington Post political reporter Sam Stein “booze up” his sources to get better information from them? That’s what James O’Keefe alleges in a new video, reports Mediaite’s Colby Hall. In the video, O’Keefe’s Project Veritas goes undercover to record Stein’s former Columbia University journalism professor as saying that Stein takes his sources out and plies them with alcohol to loosen their tongues. Tommy Christopher responds, “Saying that Sam goes out drinking with sources in DC is like saying he goes out breathing with them. People let their guard down in social situations. Stop the presses!” Stein denied the allegation in a phone interview with O’Keefe, and Hall recommends some skepticism considering O’Keefe’s selective editing with his ACORN and NPR stings.

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  • Rod Paul

    The fact that deliberate misrepresentation of what happened resulted in a  disinformation campaign that “bore fruit” does not in any way alter the fact it was intentional and conscious deception – i.e. lies.

  • James

    ACORN lost its federal funding and NPR fired two people because Congress and NPR lacked the spine to stand up to the right wingers and get the full story before overreacting. The ACORN and NPR sting videos were deceptively edited — as independent reviews have found — and would not meet the standards of any bona fide newsroom. 

  • Anonymous

    O’Keefe should be in jail. As for you three guys, shut up and go cash your checks from the Republican National Committee

  • Anonymous

    The “selective editing” line caught my eye too. What publication or TV news producer doesn’t selectively edit? What an odd thing to say. Well, maybe it’s not so odd. It’s just a passive aggressive writer saying he doesn’t approve. 

    O’Keefe is brilliant. What a brave kid. There aren’t many reporters who speak truth to power like he does. In an industry that is mostly gutless and blind, James is a standout.

    Keep exposing these elitist liars James. Love it!

  • Anonymous

    If you repeat a lie often enough, and at a sufficiently high decibel level (e.g., “selective editing with his ACORN and NPR stings”), I guess it makes it true. Kind of like “Bush lied, people died.” 

    Is that what they teach in “J School” these days?

  • Anonymous

    “…selective editing with his ACORN and NPR stings.”

    Which both bore fruit. The “selectively edited” videos is pure whining. All videos are edited. Duh.

    ACORN lost its federal funding and NPR saw at least two heads roll. Admit it. And get over it.