Patriot-News runs full-page A1 editorial calling for Penn State resignations

Charles Apple | Harrisburg Patriot-News
The Harrisburg Patriot-News says in a front-page editorial that Penn State University President Graham Spanier “did not do what is right — for his school or, more importantly, for the alleged victims of coaching legend Jerry Sandusky” and that he needs to resign. “By doing the absolute minimum when hearing potentially serious allegations, by doing more to protect the school’s reputation than to protect children, Spanier has lost [his] moral authority,” says the editorial board. It’s also calling for Coach Joe Paterno to leave the field after this season.

Some people will argue that Joe should step down immediately as well. Given what we know now, we don’t agree. Paterno should be allowed to finish out the year and retire with the honor and admiration he has earned since taking over as head coach in 1966.

Editor David Newhouse tells Charles Apple that the page one presentation is “a rework of the inspired 9-11 front from our sister paper, The Star-Ledger” and that “if front page designs had credits, we would have loved to have said that.” Newhouse says publisher John Kirkpatrick needed to be sold on the front-page placement, “but he asked what all the top editors thought and everyone was unanimous. In the end, he felt it was a gamble (in terms of community reaction, not design) but trusted his staff’s instincts and okayed it.”

By the way, we expected a deluge of calls and emails this morning angry that we turned our front page over to our own opinion. Instead, nearly all the feedback has been positive, some extremely so.

> Penn State paper: “The moral failure of every single person involved is appalling”

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve got my own opinions about this case, which I’ll keep to myself. I must say, however, that the Patriot News desperately needs to hire a new copy editor. It published a FRONT PAGE editorial with the following headline:

    “There are the obligations we all have to uphold the law. There are then the obligations we all have to do what is right.”



    We all have to uphold the law. We all have to do what is right.


    We are all obligated to uphold the law. We are all obligated to do what is right.


    There are obligations we must all uphold. We must obey the law. We must do what is right.

    Am I the only one who sees a problem with the original headline?

  • Pink

    WOw. The editorial staff seems to be contradicting itself in its own column. If Sandusky is innocent until proven guilty, the writer of this editorial sure doesn’t make it seem like Sandusky is innocent. I agree that the president’s and JoePas reaction to the complaints seemed lackadaisical, maybe they know something we don’t. It’s way too early to start calling for people to resign just because of a secret grand jury that only presents one side of the facts. The way the column ends just insinuates that Sandusky did something wrong and that he is guilty because “eight little boys” don’t think JoePa and the president did enough.

  • Gina Spadafori
  • Gina Spadafori

    Joe Pa needs to resign now, too. He knew, and didn’t think it important enough to make a real stink over.