Does ‘neutral retweet’ address issue of journalists’ bias or solve the wrong problem?

I sparked a lot of discussion in comments, tweets and other blogs Tuesday with a post about the trouble journalists get into by retweeting. In particular, my idea of a new style of “neutral retweet” — the “NT” — inspired both open-minded support and outright dismissal.

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  • Marc Samson

    Agreed with @mjenkins:disqus . NT v. RT = bureaucracy impeding communication.

  • Mandy Jenkins

    I’m not sure there’s a problem that we need an NT to fix. I don’t think RT is actually an issue for anyone except news executives who don’t understand the medium anyway. Regular Twitter users use retweet to pass on information, if they endorse it, they say so. We should be speaking the same langage as our readers here. 

    On that note, has anyone bothered to poll their followers on whether they think this is a problem before we all started panicking about it?