Fox News cries foul after being left off Facebook’s most-shared articles list

Fox News
The folks at Fox News are a little miffed about being left off Facebook’s list of the 40 “most-shared articles” of 2011. An unbylined story on accuses “the world’s largest social network” of “acting unsocially” because its list is dominated by The New York Times, CNN, Yahoo and The Huffington Post. Fox claims it had at least a couple stories (including how to deal with a potential zombie apocalypse) with more Facebook shares than others on the list, but says Facebook is using a “a mystery metric the company refused to share, leaving many news agencies friendless.”

Update: Facebook spokeswoman Malorie Lucich sent us a response explaining how the articles were ranked:

We included all news organizations, including Fox News, in our search, and looked for the articles with the most shares, likes and referral traffic (after the articles were shared, which were clicked the most by friends). To ensure we found the most shared articles, we took a comprehensive look at all the ways an article could have been shared (this included clicking the Like button, clicking the Share button, copying and pasting a link to a news article and posting it to the profile, and sharing a share on Facebook by clicking “Share” beneath an article after a friend posted).

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  • Anonymous

    Boy, for people who are all about rugged individualism, pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, and who constantly express disdain for “the victim classes,” they (and not just Fox) sure are a bunch of whiny bitches. They also keep saying they represent the majority, but they also never miss an opportunity to paint themselves as downtrodden and put-upon. 

  • Aaron Headly

    Maybe Facebook was limiting the list to news articles.