Why does NYPD provide special security detail at News Corp. HQ?

The Daily Beast
Kelly Knaub reports that News Corp.’s building, which houses Fox News, “is guarded by a 24-hour-a-day New York Police Department security detail seven days a week, a patrol that one security expert estimated costs the city at least half a million dollars a year.” Although a police spokesman suggests otherwise, Knaub says no other network receives the same level of police protection.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Browne, when asked why Fox News receives the protection when other media networks do not, responded in an email to The Daily Beast, “Each of the networks gets police coverage to varying extents based on threat information.” But interviews with security officials at other major networks–including CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC–revealed that the NYPD does not provide any security details to these locations. Instead, they contract security guards from private vendors, employ their own security staff and, in some cases, hire a paid detail of off-duty or retired police officers, whose cost is incurred at the network’s expense.

Her conclusion: “It appears to be fueled by the security obsession of Fox News chief Roger Ailes.”

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  • Anonymous

    How could Roger Ailes have Bloomberg “in his pocket?” Bloomberg has a
    personal fortune worth $17 billion. Ailes isn’t anywhere near that
    scale, and Bloomberg isn’t even a Republican. There are lots of buildings in the city that get police protection.

    I used to work in one on Park Ave. that had an abortion clinic, and there were cops there around the clock, both uniformed and plainclothes.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure how that’s implied. I suppose that would be a fine question to ask, but it wouldn’t change the premise of the story – in fact, it would strengthen it. If Fox has its own protection (which I’m sure it does) – why does it need even more, free, from the government (irony!)? 

  • Anonymous

    What it implies is that Ailes has Bloomberg in his pocket, at a cost of $500,000 a year, paid for by the taxpayers — typical Republican MO. How these guys live with themselves is a mystery.

  • Anonymous

    The Daily Beast and you imply that Fox does not have its own security. Is that the fact or hasn’t anyone bothered to check that out?