Obama campaign buys Union Leader home page ad on NH GOP primary day

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The Obama ad says: “New Hampshire Primary Results: The Tea Party Agenda Wins!” with a button saying “Fight back.” Related ads are on the right side of the page. The Obama campaign did the same thing with The Des Moines Register for the caucuses, although there was a kerfuffle about whether the banner ad looked like editorial content because at first it didn’t say it was an Obama ad. No such confusion today: The Union Leader ad says, “Paid for by Obama for America.” Meanwhile, Google ranks the Republican candidates by volume of searches and notes that the list looks a lot like the latest public opinion polls, with Romney at the top. || Related: The real ad war is in South Carolina, where twice as many ads have aired as in New Hampshire (The New York Times) | In Union Leader, Gingrich gets coveted and ferocious supporter (The New York Times) | Cable News plans for first-in-the-nation NH primary (TVNewser) | A ‘Patch’ of green arrives with AOL’s NH coverage (Capital New York) | Rhode Island city council sues newspaper for publishing political ad with names and photos of mayor and council members (Courthouse News Service)

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  • Anonymous

    I’d love to ask Obama and the Democrats one question, “What is the tea party?”  I’ll bet they can’t come  up with a coherent answer.  The problem for the Democrats, and I doubt they’ll figure it out, is the tea party is Aunt Gertie and Uncle Harry, the tea party is your neighbor, your fellow parishioner, or your grandmother.  So, every time he or a Democrat, calls the tea party racist, almost everyone in the country knows someone who is a tea party member and knows that to be not true. 

    As I said, I don’t believe they’re capable of figuring this out because, to do so, would mean their ideology is wrong and they can’t admit that. 

  • Anonymous

    Occasionally, we all run into one of those folks who figure they win in argument if they just keep talking, drowning out anything you might try to say. They’re so insecure in their beliefs they refuse to let any criticism even be presented.