“The Reuters report highlights a third reason the full truth of [Mitt] Romney’s job record at Bain has been hard for reporters to get at: it’s a political story that requires financial reporting expertise. From a scan of bylines, it appears that most, but not all, outlets that have financial expertise don’t tend to put those reporters on the Bain story — perhaps it might compromise their reporters’ relationships with sources in that world. Reuters did it anyway.”

Keach Hagey on why it's so difficult for journalists to report on Romney's record at Bain

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    This morning (Thursday, Jan 12), NPR’s “Diane Rehm” show spent nearly an hour covering the private equity/leveraged buyout industry and how it compares with the public ownership model of the stock market.  Very heavy going, but enlightening.  Major takeaway:  private equity/leveraged buyout firms are much less regulated than the stock market and the banking industry.