PEJ launches multifaceted election news tracker

Project for Excellence in Journalism
As part of its election coverage, PEJ is now tracking how the candidates are doing according to volume and tone of news coverage and volume and tone of conversation on Twitter. PEJ is also aggregating coverage about the coverage and will track other metrics such as Google’s measurements of searches, YouTube views and mentions of candidates on Google News. Based on those signals, PEJ concludes that Mitt Romney is getting the most negative coverage now than at any point in the race.

The findings suggest that while polls and horse race set a context for the way media portray the race, the narrative itself is dominated by the daily back and forth of the campaign dialogue. Thus while it may seem counterintuitive that Romney has a bad week after cementing his frontrunner status in New Hampshire, the coverage also reflects the intensifying attempts to blunt that momentum. And last week that centered on a debate over his career in private equity.

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  • Anonymous

    i wish SOMEBODY in the media would ask newt and willard EXACTLY what they mean when they keep saying, daily, that obama wants to turn the u.s. into a socialist, welfare, european etc. etc country. exactly what has obama DONE or WANT to do that they think justifies such allegations. (health care doesn’t count; harry truman proposed a national health care program, and anybody with walking-around sense knows he was no socialist.)

    last summer, newt was asked in a tv interview whether obama is a “socialist.” he hesitated a second, knowing the answer was no. but he said “yes, becasue he’s never met a big govt program he doesn’t like.” the average voter may not know it, but that’s NOT the definiton of “socialism,” not close, and a frigging ph.d in history damn well knows it.