“All reporters of Voice of America are our targets and should resign; otherwise we will kill them.”

Mukurram Khurasani, an aide to a Pakistani Taliban commander, after the group said it had killed a Voice of America reporter

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  • http://profiles.google.com/rp509855 Rod Paul

    As a former special ops soldier and platoon sergeant, I’ll state that if any of my troops had done such a thing, they would be in irons awaiting the court martial.

    By your standard, geek, you apparently feel it would be justified to murder someone flashing a gang tattoo on the ground that some gang-bangers murder innocent people.

    Terrorist do bad things – they are TERRORISTS. We strive to maintain a higher standard.

  • Anonymous

    Both actions further hatred and the lust for violence. Thanks for condoning a violation of the Geneva Conventions, roadgeek. Why don’t you use that old age to put some wisdom out there.

  • Anonymous

    But people here in the United States, including many reporters and media pundits, whine when a Marine pees on a dead Taliban soldier.  Amazing.