Toronto Sun misspells ‘Monday’ on front page

Somebody at the Toronto Sun is having a very bad start to the week, after some promotional copies of the paper went out with a front page typo:

Thanks to OpenFile Toronto (disclosure: I work as an advisor to OpenFile) and Shauna Rempel for drawing my attention to the typo.

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  • Alija Bos

    or mashed xd because one is right below the other..

  • 123inkjets Coupons

    It might be different for you, but my hubby delivered for the Fresno Bee in Cali for a while and its very difficult. You are up in the wee hours and you are considered an independent contractor, 

  • CraigSilverman

    This sounds like a pretty good theory, Kevin.

  • Wayne Frazer

    If you know anything about the Toronto Sun, they aren’t too concerned with little things like spelling, or facts. It’s more about boobs.

  • Kevin Bottrell

    I’d be willing to bet it’s set up on their template as XXXday or something similar and you just replace the Xs with whatever the appropriate first syllable is. It would be pretty easy to miss an X. That’s how my newspaper is set up and I’ve had trouble with people forgetting that “day” is already there, so you end up with Mondayday.

  • Roger Green

    Maybe it was an editorial decision; they dislike Monday so much, they chose to symbolically X it out.

    Or something like that…