Newsweek technology editor criticizes Michael Arrington, MG Siegler as ‘hacks for hire’:

“This is what now passes for “journalism” in Silicon Valley: hired guns and reformed click-whores who have found a way to grab some of the loot for themselves. This is perhaps not surprising. Silicon Valley once was home to scientists and engineers — people who wanted to build things. Then it became a casino. Now it is being turned into a silicon cesspool, an upside-down world filled with spammers, liars, flippers, privacy invaders, information stealers — and their grubby cadre of paid apologists and pygmy hangers-on.”

Dan Lyons

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  • ideafaktory

    Check out my ideafaktory podcast with Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs & Newsweek/Forbes writer) about peddling influence.
    Dan also wrote a scathing piece about this that we discussed.  Face it, there’s no money in writing, so the only thing left to sell is traffic and attention, which is devious, brilliant, and subversive.  That puts pressure on everyone else to think critically – and just assume that everyone has a bias, sometimes a financial one.