Former Politico reporter to write tell-all novel

BuzzFeed reports that Karin Tanabe, a former Politico reporter, has landed a book deal that Publisher’s Marketplace summarizes as “a 20-something journalist leaves a cushy NYC magazine job for DC’s hottest (and most cut-throat) political rag, where she uncovers a juicy scandal involving a senator that could make or break her career.”

The blog post, which is unbylined like all BuzzFeed posts by former Politico employee Ben Smith, says “The book seems to be clearly about POLITICO who’s “cut-throat” rep — we should note — we always thought was a bit overblown.” Smith’s totally non-cutthroat agreement with Politico does not allow him to have his name appear on BuzzFeed posts until after the presidential primaries; his bio on Politico identifies him as editor of BuzzFeed but doesn’t link to the site. (I linked earlier to a report that I understood as saying Politico wouldn’t link to BuzzFeed; “They do link us,” says Smith.)

Correction: This post originally misspelled Karin Tanabe’s first name as Karen.

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  • Anonymous

    This will probably be as popular as that redhead wonkette’s novel about her dogs or the tell-all by her bff, the Washington staffer chick who was also playing-for-pay on the side.  I believe the doggie novel sold around 6000 copies, and the cute staffer’s book probably did even worse. They were both so memorable I forgot their names, but the redhead has been floating from job to job now that her looks have faded. (even grey goose will do that to you pretty quickly) 

  • Anonymous

    A “tell-all novel”?

  • Anonymous

    I know you prefer quotes, but it does make me cringe to see the incorrect use of “who’s”  appear not only in the original but repeated in your item.  I’m guessing BuzzFeed is short on copyeditors, but couldn’t you have paraphrased the comment and used the correct word?

  • Trevor Butterworth

    Only if you come from money. 

  • Isabelle Roughol

    There is still such a thing as a “cushy NY magazine job” ? For a “20-something” ?