WSJ Facebook pages hit by ‘comment flashmob’

Wall Street Journal | Facebook
A German group claiming affiliation with Anonymous told followers to flood the Journal’s Facebook pages with comments this afternoon. The group is protesting a Journal article comparing the online hacking group to Al Qaeda. Comments began on the Journal’s German-language Facebook page then spread to the main page. Commenters were instructed to post this message:

“Dear editors of the German Wall Street Journal, You equated Anonymous with Al-Qaeda in your February 2012 article and the related coverage. With this type of coverage you may be able to stir up fear in the United States, but not in the land of poets and thinkers! With this comment, we would like to oppose the deliberate dissemination of false information and express our displeasure with your lobby journalism. We are Anonymous. We are millions. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!”

One of the comments on the Wall Street Journal’s Facebook page today.

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  • F. Douglas

     Thanks for noting the mistake. Seems like Poynter owes the WSJ a correx and/or an apology, especially as some of the folks involved seem to get easily inflamed.

  • Dan Mitchell

    Both you and Anonymous are misrepresenting the Journal story. No real surprise in either case. Here’s the relevant portion:

    “Possible scenarios discussed, the former official said, included one in which a foreign government developed the attack capability and outsourced it to a group like Anonymous, or if a U.S. adversary like al Qaeda hired hackers to mount a cyberattack.”

    As you can see, the passage does not compare al Qaeda and Anonymous. It merely describes the scenarios discussed by security officials. One scenario is “a group like Anonymous” hacking on behalf of a foreign government. It seems unlikely Anonymous would do that, but in any case, it wasn’t the Journal who said so. The other scenario is al Qaeda hiring hackers to mount an attack. This is in a separate and distinct clause from the Anonymous reference, but again, the Journal is merely reporting what security officials told it, not comparing anyone to anyone.