Mediaite writer owns up to misinterpreting Touré tweet about Chris Brown

“This was, to put it bluntly, shitty journalism. We can only promise that we will do our best to make sure this error is rectified to the fullest, and put all possible resources towards making sure it does not happen in the future.”

Nando Di Fino, Mediaite

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  • Anonymous

    It didn’t appear in the Times but I don’t think that it has to appear in the Times to be worth noting.

    yes, i agree with you, , …it IS interesting but i feel toomuch focus on twitter etc…….what matters what he writes in hisnewspaper, that is his journo beat…..twitter is not journalism…weare focuing too much on this silly platform…..what’s next…? what he tells his wife in the shower?……but yes IT ISINTERESTING,,,,,given the subject etc……SMILE

  • Paul Steinle

    Do “tweets” really have anything meaningful to do with journalism? Even if “journalists” post them. 

    Why are we attributing any weight to them? Is everything anybody “posts” (or says in the ladies or men’s room for that matter) worthy of further consideration? Isn’t it time to “value” this form of communication for what it is? Yes, truly it is all “out there” and occupying the same Internet that reams of thoughtful, vetted, edited journalism occupy. But really — should we care?

    Should the MediaWire care? 

    Just because we have infinite space on the Internet to post infinite stuff should we aggregate and redistribute this stuff? Who has enough time to read the solid stories?

  • James Bailey

    yes its true!!!

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