In obits, Andrew Breitbart is a hard guy to label

If you win a Pulitzer, your obituary will start out, “Pulitzer Prize-winner John Doe…” And if you’re Andrew Breitbart? That’s harder. Was he a journalist? A blogger? A publisher? Should you note that he was conservative? (Most stories did.) In doing so, are you implying that most in media aren’t?

Many news stories used a couple of terms to describe him, which is understandable considering that no one word seems to fully capture what he did. And a couple of stories didn’t label him, instead opting to describe his work.

Here’s the range of descriptors used in news stories Thursday morning about his death.


CNN: Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger whose posting of a sexually explicit photo of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner led to the congressman’s downfall, has died…”


Reuters: “U.S. conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, a larger-than-life author and publisher, died unexpectedly of natural causes…”

Journalist “Andrew Breitbart, the controversial conservative Internet journalist, died…”


NPR: “Conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart died Thursday…”

Fox News: “Widely read conservative Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart has died…”

MarketWatch: “Conservative online publisher Andrew Breitbart has died…”


The Wall Street Journal: “Andrew Breitbart, a conservative Internet entrepreneur known for controversial reports that damaged the careers of Democratic officials, died shortly after midnight…”

Politico: “Andrew Breitbart, the outspoken, conservative Internet entrepreneur behind the Brietbart media network, passed away…”

Firebrand “Andrew Breitbart, the conservative firebrand and Web publisher, has died…”


AFP: “Andrew Breitbart, a US conservative commentator and creator of a popular news website, died…”


The New Yorker: “Conservative writer, entrepreneur, and hell-raiser Andrew Breitbart has died…”

Mix and match

CNET: “Andrew Breitbart, a controversial conservative blogger and commentator and one of the early proponents of Internet news, has died…” (The headline also calls him a “controversial Internet news pioneer.”)

The Huffington Post: “Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger and journalist, died suddenly…”

Slate: “Conservative journalist and publisher Andrew Breitbart died…”

Guardian: “Conservative internet publisher and activist Andrew Breitbart has died at the age of 43…”

AP: “Conservative media publisher and activist Andrew Breitbart, who was behind investigations that led to the resignations of former Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York and former U.S. Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod, has died…”

Los Angeles Times: “Conservative writer and website publisher Andrew Breitbart died…”

ABC News: “Andrew Breitbart, the noted conservative Internet publisher and author, has died.”

None of the above

NPR’s The Two-Way blog: “Andrew Breitbart, who cultivated controversy with his BigGovernment website and was a conservative thorn in the sides of many liberals, has died…”

Bloomberg: “Andrew Breitbart, who became a hero to some on the political right for Internet-based muckraking that took on what he saw as too-big government and too-liberal mainstream media, has died…” (The headline also called him a “provocateur.”)

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  • Anonymous

    and now THIS? re: ”Well this is the beginning of a new basis for conspiracy theories about Breitbart being murdered. The moment he said he had old tapes about Obama that he was holding onto until closer to the election I said that his life was in danger, and that he might meet up with some unfortunate event. Sadly I was right. I hope Breitbart left the tapes to someone who can release them, hopefully without announcing it ahead of time. He obviously considered the tapes important enough to affect the election.”

  • Anonymous

    And now a liberal talks back to the naters at Stormfront, above, and tell the world: “Breitbart was the adopted son of Gerald and Arlene Breitbart, a restaurant owner and banker respectively, and grew up in upscale Brentwood, Los Angeles. He was raised Jewish (his adoptive mother had converted to Judaism when marrying his adoptive father).[7][8] He had explained that his birth certificate indicated his biological father was a folk singer. He was ethnically Irish by birth, and his adopted sister is Hispanic.[7] He changed his political views after experiencing an “epiphany” during the Clarence Thomas hearings, and later described himself as “a Reagan conservative” with libertarian sympathies.[4] 
    I understand your issues with the Jewish race, Stormfront. But this guy, and yes, I know this very well, was an ADOPTED man, and he really was not consider a bono fide Jew. His real parents were Anglo-Saxon. Just hippies that did not want to deal with a baby in 1969.Not to mention, he did practice the religion, at all. he has stated this multiple times.
    Just a note.”

  • Anonymous

    but NYer and Tablet, in 2010, mentioned he was ”adopted” and might not have been Jewish at all, re:

    ”But who is Breitbart? The New Yorker sent Rebecca Mead to find out, and it turns out that Breitbart, who was adopted, is a Jewish [man] from L.A.’s Westside, specifically in Brentwood. There he attended the exclusive Brentwood School, which is the kind of place that turns out the people who run Hollywood’s machinery — the Ari Golds and the producers and the lawyers and the managers. But Breitbart tells Mead he was, even as a high-schooler, turned off by “the [movie] industry” and instead fascinated by the theatrics of Washington, D.C.”

  • Anonymous

    Oh wait, i spoke too soon, above, Stormfront, that sweet neo nazi white supremacist website did mention his Jewish background: “Breitbart was a jew[ish] neocon” (sic) was the hed, with text starting off as “Breitbart’sObama-bashing had more to do with his preference for a more Israel-friendly president than it did with any committment to America…”

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, not one media outlet’s obit or death coverage mentioned he was Jewish. Hmmmm, what does that omission mean? Or did they all think Breitbart was a German-American name? Smile.

  • Anonymous

     Absolutely fearless….

  • MillionaireFriends.CoM

    It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone. It’s worth a try!(@^_^@)
    Andrew and the Tea Party started this movement (what ever you want to
    call it), and it is up to the rest of us to finish it in NOV. Will Dana
    Loesch pick up the torch?

  • Anonymous

    He will be missed but he did cement his legacy for the rest of us to carry his message forward. Its kinda funny that even in his death he is still WINNING. All the libs/OWSers celebrating his death, just doing his job for him by outting themselves and the dems for what they really and trully are. RIP Mr.Breitbart- may he retweet their vile remarks from Heaven.

  • hecowe

    Andrew Breitbart was a lion: bold, fierce and unafraid.  A generation of conservatives and Americans will hold his memory in their hearts with respect and admiration.  Few will ever know the freedom that comes with truth; we refuse to come out of the shadow of timidity and politeness.  Andrew was truly free.  I’m glad I lived during the Andrew Breitbart era.  Farewell, dear Andrew.

  • Anonymous

    Andrew and the Tea Party started this movement (what ever you want to call it), and it is up to the rest of us to finish it in NOV. Will Dana Loesch pick up the torch?

  • Victoria Tabbert

    RIP Andrew. You were and are admired by many and will be greatly missed. Peace be to you and your loving family.

  • Sherlock

    I think he would have enjoyed and approved of “provocateur”.

  • MattPayton

    Fevered ego?