Happy hour conversation: Are paywalls disrespectful to readers?

PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy sparked an interesting discussion Thursday when she argued that news sites are “reverting” to paywalls because they can’t fix their business model. Here’s how the conversation went.

If you work for a news site that charges readers, post a comment below describing how you feel about it. Is it disrespectful? Are you bothered when people can’t read your stories? Do you see paywalls as a retreat rather than a new business model?

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  • Anonymous

    I suppose Apple is also being disrespectful of consumers when it charges for its iPads and iPhones. And the grocery store is disrespectful when it charges us for food. And Ford is being disrespectful charging for its cars.

    Why people think news is any different than any of these things is beyond me. It costs a lot of money to produce stories, and that money has to come from somewhere. If ads won’t cover the cost, then readers shouldn’t be surprised that they are going to be asked to cough up some money for it.

  • Anonymous

    how much of pando is re-purposed /stolen work of others new sources?.

  • Anonymous

    surely she is not serious. she’s got to be kidding. were newspaper boxes “disrespectful”? i don’t think so.