Congressional candidate admits plagiarizing on Patch

The Day | Madison Patch
Daria Novak, who is running for a Connecticut congressional seat, says she copied published material for blog posts she wrote for several eastern Connecticut Patch sites because “when I read material from multiple sources, and have multiple people emailing me without attributions, I assume the material was in the public domain.” Novak’s campaign site includes what it calls her “Impressive Personal Bio,” which says she received an M.A. from the University of Southern California and cites several postgraduate credentials that are indeed impressive, including work toward a Ph.D. (Did rules about citation never come up in those pursuits?)

According to Madison Patch’s Elissa Bass, Novak cribbed from a Washington Times editorial and a piece, “America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President,” written by revisionist Christian historian David Barton. Bass writes that Novak offered to pull her posts for review, but “Patch’s platform doesn’t allow users to remove blogging submissions once they’re published.” Only Patch editors can do that, and Novak’s posts have been removed from the “Local Voices” platform. Novak will continue to blog on her campaign’s site, she tells The Day’s JC Reindl. || Related: Booted for plagiarism, California columnist finds his Patch | Middletown Press reporter plagiarizes local Patch site

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  • Anonymous

    Every few days, there’s an item about plagiarism in Poynter.  Duh. IT’S THE SECOND DECADE OF THE 21st CENTURY!  EVERYTHING IS OUT THERE…NOBODY CAN GET AWAY WITH PLAGIARISM ANY MORE!  To give you some idea how recoverable anything is;  I wanted to retrieve something I posted to Facebook and linked to a website.  I wanted the exact words and a Youtube URL, so I googled my name, Facebook, and the general topic, and there it was.  Now I’m nothing if not obscure, yet I was able to dredge this up in seconds.  Goes to show ya.