ESPN drops ban on staff posting pics in hoodies

Richard Prince reports that ESPN has reversed its initial stand against staffers posting pictures of themselves in hoodies to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin. After Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera suggested that the 17-year-old’s choice to wear a hooded sweatshirt was partly to blame for him being killed, many pro athletes began to post photos of themselves wearing hooded sweatshirts. ESPN staff were at first warned not to join them. Now the network has decided “to allow this particular expression of human sympathy.”

ESPN NFL reporter Michael Smith changed his Twitter image to a hoodie photo.

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  • Michael S

    I’m tired of this false equivalency nonsense.  A child is dead.  People are sympathetic.  What’s wrong with that?  What has Zimmerman done to deserve sympathy?  There’s no question that he shot Trayvon.  If he’s innocent of a crime, so be it.  That doesn’t mean he’s a sympathetic figure.

    As for your other false equivalency, Obama is our president.  Palin isn’t.

  • Gary

    Typical. I wonder if they will allow any posts that might be viewed as sympathetic to Zimmerman’s possible innocence. Given how they allow employees to insult Sarah Palin while trashing Paul Azinger for a mild anti-Obama joke, it’s doubtful.