Pinterest’s new terms make way for private sharing, API

Pinterest | Forbes
Pinterest has updated the legal policies governing its service. The terms lay groundwork for new features: private pinboards and an API. They also set strict rules against copyright violations and clarify that Pinterest will not sell uploaded content. || Related: How The Wall Street Journal uses Pinterest (10,000 Words) | Pinterest drops its “avoid self promotion” directive (The Wall Street Journal) || Earlier: As Pinterest grows visitors 52% in one month, journalism profs find news uses for it (Poynter)

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    The cloud is the new operating system for enterprises, and services are the new applications. The cloud provides the computing fabric upon which the next generation of services, from Pinterest to Instagram, foursquare to AirBnB, are being built. Just as Microsoft Windows and MacOS X have provided interfaces for the previous generation of desktop applications now on the decline, cloud providers like Amazon offer interfaces for the compute, storage, and networking these services require.