Trayvon Martin expert may undermine his own science

Orlando Sentinel | JustOneMinute
Because of the intense reporting on Trayvon Martin’s killing, any factual argument instantly becomes a media critique. (Or a critique of a media critique.) And now that the police report for Trayvon Martin’s killing has been released, observers of this story get a more finely grained set of facts to chew over, about Martin’s weight, for instance, or where he was shot. In an Orlando Sentinel post, Rene Stutzman tries to sort out a few apparent misconceptions: Martin was in his dad’s fiancee’s neighborhood at 7:15 p.m, not 3 a.m., for instance, and shooter George Zimmerman’s father is not a retired judge.

Another reported fact: That the screams on the now-famous 911 call weren’t Zimmerman’s. Tom Maguire notes that a voice expert quoted in many of those pieces says on his own website that “The worst exemplar recordings with which an examiner must work are those of random speech.”

Another account of Zimmerman’s speech went under the microscope this weekend as NBC said it was investigating how “Today” ran an elided version of Zimmerman’s 911 call. || Related: Current issue of The New Yorker features R. Kikuo Johnson drawings of people wearing their sweatshirt hoods up

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  • Anonymous

     Just Jaackson being Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    But Rev. Jackson’s attempt to pour gasoline on the media fire with a willfully false statement about where the subject was shot, should have been a clue to most that there has been more misinformation about this case, than anything factual. 

  • Gary

    Matt Gutman’s reporting on this matter has been a joke. It’s like he’s on the payroll of the Martin family attorneys or something.

  • DIS

    It may have been another big mistake to cover the Florida shooting the way it has been covered.  Anyone prosecuted for any wrong-doing would never receive a fair trial.