Andy Boyle to news sites: Stop differentiating between blogs and articles

“It’s time to stop bifurcating your content as blogs and news because they run on separate systems. It is all content, so why not call it that? Even if you have outside people writing posts on your website that are unmoderated by your staff — that’s still content that’s part of your media outlet’s website. …

“If it’s opinion content, call it that. If it’s news content, great! That’s what it is. Start thinking of it all as content as opposed to ‘this is a blog post’ and ‘this is a news story.’ If you copied a news story and pasted it into a blog post, DOES IT SOMEHOW CHANGE? No. It does not.”

Andy Boyle

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  • Anonymous

    If you want to do that, you need to come up with a new definition of a blog. 

  • Andy Boyle

    Thanks for posting this!