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  • Alfred Ingram

    If Zimmerman had identified the subject as ‘white’, would it matter to anyone whether he’d done so immediately or later in the call? I think not. I think the important thing would be the fact that the deceased was armed with a can of iced tea and a bag of skittles. That, and the fact that he followed the deceased when the police asked him not to do that.  The other important thing is why on earth a provoked confrontation he was advised to avoid qualifies as “standing your ground.”

    Shall we advise the Trayvons of our society to arm themselves and be prepared to shoot first when people follow them from the store? Robbers follow people from stores. In Florida, is it safe to assume that the person following you is armed and dangerous? Think they’ll arrest you if you “stand your ground.”

  • Anonymous

    And if anyone believes this was a simple mistake and not “deliberate”…….

    It’s time Comcast gets control of this slipshod operation.