Gawker plans a business model based on comments and conversation, not posts and ads

Reuters | GigaOM
Nick Denton is betting that comments will be a big new business for the future of Gawker Media. Felix Salmon explains how Gawker is reinventing comments and plans to sell advertisers the ability to create conversations. In an earlier memo, Denton wrote, “the days of the banner advertisement are numbered. In two years, our primary offering to marketers will be our discussion platform.”

Will it work? Salmon points out the biggest potential flaw: “The problem here, for Denton — and the reason why he got an editorial guy to run this new project — is the old one: how to persuade his websites’ readers to read the sponsored posts and to engage in their comments sections.”

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  • Beth Janto

    There was a sponsered post on Gawker a few months ago.  It was a contest to write the best 5oo word story about “My Boldest Experience”  The winner ended up being an obvious marketing ringer whose boldest experience was a night spent without the sponsor’s electronics because of a power outage.  I haven’t looked at a sponsored post since.  Denton is a fool whose new system – even without the glitches and vile, racist trolls – has destroyed everything that was of value to potential advertisers.