Mike Bloomberg reads eight newspapers a day

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg: Not a fan of Big Gulps, but he’s a certified newsprint aficionado.

“I have not gone to read everything on the internet. I still read eight newspapers a day,” Bloomberg said today. He appeared via a live video feed at All Things Digital, a tech conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

Bloomberg said he preferred broadsheet presentations because they allow him to scan headlines. “I want someone to tell me what to read,” Hizzoner said. He likes reading magazines on paper better than on his iPad, too.

Let’s start some irresponsible speculation right now: Clearly this is a signal that Bloomberg wants to buy The New York Times.

And he’s in some good company:

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  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t matter how many papers the mayor reads. anybody who thinks govt at ANY level should be dictating to consumers and bidnesses the effing size of cups they will be ALLOWED to produce and drink from is, well, let’s face it, totally goofy. what will be next?

  • Anonymous

    No. Take a look at the industrial-strength kindergarten-style design in the print Bloomberg Businessweek. 

    Instilling the eight print newspaper reading cycle should be mandatory in every journalism school. 

    Especially UK’s Guardian, Telegraph, and Sunday Times. The NYT and WSJ. Washington Post and LATimes. The Globe and Mail. This is a big cycle to internalize. If you pay attention, develop pattern recognition, and creativity in seeing the implications of the articles, you will become a far better reader after a year. 

    The book I recommend for direct study of the subject is “Reading in the Brain,” by Stanislas Dehaene. I would be interested in Bloomberg’s comments on RSVP, rapid sequential visual presentation, pages 17-18, paperback. 

    If he concentrated, Bloomberg could be ready in two years to buy The NYT. He is not ready yet. Nor is Murdoch, for that matter. His weekend WSJ Review is just too weak. 

    I do not think that the current NYT ownership can do the job.