GOOD Magazine posts thank-you video featuring laid-off staffers

In what must surely be one of the stranger postscripts to a mass layoff ever, someone at GOOD magazine put up a blog post today thanking the magazine’s readers for giving it 200,000 friends on Facebook. In the video, former staffers such as Amanda Hess and Cord Jefferson — who like many others in the video were laid off Friday — discuss what they’d do if they had 200,000 friends of their own. Hess suggests forming a jug band. A commenter expresses astonishment: “Pretty gross that you would post this PR attempt days after firing several of the people featured in the video. They’re the ones responsible for creating the product we all loved.”

I’ve called and emailed GOOD’s owners multiple times requesting comment on what exactly their strategy is for the company and received no response. Late Friday the magazine’s Twitter account implied the magazine would undergo some sort of evolution.

Correction: This post originally said Tim Fernholz was in the video; he was not.

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  • Poynter

    You are correct, we’ve fixed it. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    My former colleague Tim Fernholz does not appear to be in this video, although Cord Jefferson, another one of the laid off GOOD staffers, does.