Can somebody please tell Brett Anderson’s replacement he’s no longer laid off?

The Times-Picayune | Gambit

Food critic Brett Anderson has been un-laid off following some ouchy press (1, 2) for his current and perhaps future employer, The Times-Picayune. Anderson said Tuesday that he had been told he was out of a job because he had a Nieman fellowship.

“We told Brett then that he would have a job with us when the fellowship ended,” Picayune Editor Jim Amoss now tells his paper. “We should have communicated that this week when we announced the changes at our paper.”

Another area in which the newspaper might want to work on communication: Susan Langenhennig, the paper’s fashion editor, announced via Twitter on Thursday that she would be the paper’s new restaurant writer, starting with features and moving eventually to reviews:

Writing in Gambit, Kevin Allman says Amoss and Anderson have been seen gourmandizing around town:

Diners spotted Anderson eating lunch with Amoss at Lilette on Wednesday. Today Gambit saw Amoss and Anderson enjoying plate lunches together at Mandina’s in Mid-City, around the corner from the Gambit offices — so at least we know things are still friendly between the editor and the critic.

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  • Stanley

     Andrew, work on your investigative reporting skills. Susan tweets that she’ll be a “restaurant writer” doesn’t say anywhere that she’ll be doing reviews like Brett or even taking his place. To some this may seem like splitting hairs, but you can write about food culture, new restaurants, chefs coming and going, etc… as a general reporter without doing the traditional review or being a food critic. And, if you check, you’ll see that Susan was moved into this position a few months ago before any of the layoffs were announced. This was originally designed as a move to increase food/restaurant coverage. Anderson would spend more time on reviews while another writer would do more general business stories and trends of the business.

  • nick price

    Brett Anderson has his job back