What is living and dying in the digital journalism era:

“The internet is no more killing journalism than home taping killed music. The internet is changing journalism, which is frightening for traditional hacks. … The internet combined with the iPad has actually rejuvenated journalism in many ways. … There is now a movement in support of long-form articles. Look at Longform.org and continuing growth in the use of apps such as Instapaper. Additionally, services such as Byliner and Amazon’s ‘Singles’ line are getting writers paid for [both] journalism and comment that are up to the standard of anything that emerged in the ‘golden years’ of twentieth century newspaper journalism.

When people … crow that the internet is kicking the hell out of journalism it is in part because their traditional platforms are crumbling. … If any part of journalism is dying, it’s the part that believes it has an inherent right to live.”

Mic Wright in The Kernel

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  • Anonymous

    The government you’ve elected is determining your future right, but individual rights to even your intellectual property are being encroached upon, even as I write this…

  • Anonymous

    I think that premiss is on point:  “The internet is no more killing journalism than home taping killed music. The internet is changing journalism…”

    But, as the collective-attention spans of the target market declines, and the push-button mentality entrenches more households – we are finding more and more individuals clutching smart phones like security blankets, further indicating our social instability, punctuated by the inability to function alone.

    In fact, perception has become our reality, so finding out tomorrow, what happened today – is simply unacceptable and further, a useless means of surviving in tomorrow’s society.   

  • Anonymous

    yes, newspapers need to halt this unrelenting drumbreat about their own demise, but maybe it’s too late. newspapers were (and still are) great at reporting the news, without newspapers, there wouldn’t be any news on the internet. but newspapers literally and tragically have been incompetent at promoting and marketing themselves. nobody ever said the people who run newspapers are geniuses. how could anyone ever possibly believe that if you give away your product on the internet, you could still sell it to subscribers?

  • Anonymous

    That’s true, and the traditional journalists this nitwit disparages have a legitimate beef: Their stuff is being stolen.

    Funny how the drumbeaters for the new Internet journalism never pay attention to intellectual property rights.