Coverage of Supreme Court ruling illustrates accelerating news cycle:

“The news cycle now burns hotter around big news than it ever has. More people write more words on more platforms, and get them to readers faster. Google News collected more than 25,000 news articles related to health care in 24 hours. In its first four hours, [the] decision sparked more than 1.9 million Twitter mentions of terms related to the ruling …

“But the hotter media fire also burns faster than it ever has. Yesterday’s coverage and commentary burned through not just the immediate implications, but what newspaper editors used to call the “second day” stories — the political and policy implications of the ruling — and then through fast-forwarded cycle of analysis that used to take weeks.”

Related: The ruling spurred more intense tweeting than president’s announcement of his support for gay marriage, but not as much as this year’s State of the Union address

Ben Smith and Zeke Miller, BuzzFeed

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  • Anonymous

    it not only illustrates the “accelerating news cycle,” it also shows once again how utterly stupid it is for any one outlet to boast it beat everybody else by 10 friggign’ seconds. geez. it serves faux noise and cnn right for embarrassing themselves. journalism is SUPPOSED to be a business composed of adults.