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  • Anonymous

    I agree.

    Moreover, the very article at the headline link not only does not make a claim that it is important, it has the following to say:

    “While it doesn’t matter to the majority of Americans which reporter broke the news or got it minutes before others did, these scoops have currency among the political agenda-setters who Mark Halperin once dubbed the “Gang of 500,” the type of insiders who nowadays get birthday shoutouts on Mike Allen’s morning Playbook.

    And yet, journalists — even those who’ve landed such scoops — say that which reporter broke them, and when, is primarily of interest to only a small group of people.

    “It does not matter to the public that they hear about it as soon as possible,” said Ron Fournier, editor-in-chief of National Journal. “There’s nobody outside of 400 of us in Washington who remember Andrea Mitchell or John King got it.”

    So, it is not important to the public; it is only important to beltway insiders; and Poynter indicates that it IS important.

  • Anonymous

    it is NOT “important” at all. can anyone say exactly what was the actual benefit to those “breaking” vp news in the past? i can’t think of a single example.