Yahoo fires David Chalian for joking that Romney’s OK with black people drowning

Politico | Newsbusters
Yahoo News fired David Chalian, Dylan Byers reports. Chalian was Yahoo’s Washington bureau chief and was apparently the person who cracked a joke on a hot mic Monday, saying Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, were “happy to have a party with black people drowning” and not concerned about New Orleans residents who are being affected by Hurricane Isaac. Newsbusters first reported the blunder and has a video on its site.

Yahoo tweeted Chalian’s firing:

Chalian’s former colleague Gwen Ifill tweeted strong support for Chalian, calling him “God’s gift to political journalism.”

Chalian was hired by Yahoo last November after working at PBS NewsHour and ABC News. At the time of his hire, he said he was looking forward to Yahoo’s ability to “deliver high impact, high quality storytelling in what is shaping up to be a really consequential presidential election.” Washington media-gossip site FishbowlDC said Yahoo threw a “swanky soiree” to mark Chalian’s hiring.

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  • Anonymous

    this isn’t one mistake. this is his first PUBLIC mistake. let’s not pretend that he’s impartial.

  • Roger Moore

    Yahoo’s news editors have a decided right wing slant — pro GOP, anti Obama stories get the best play. Consistently. Perhaps they’re merely trolling for traffic, that stuff gets them NewsMaxx notice, etc. But many have noted this over the past couple of years. Under that light, canning this guy seems like he was “off message” with their preferred audience.

  • Alfred Ingram

    It must be nearly a a full moon.

  • Anonymous

    this conspiracy theory is as good (maybe better) as rush’s demented claims that obama allegedly influenced the reporting of hurricane issac so the gops would be forced to cancel the first day of their convention. lol. please. give me a break.

  • Anonymous

    A “racist” is any conservative who happens to be winning an argument. You can look it up. I think it’s in the AP Styleguide.

  • jay jones

    the left is all about playing the race card, they live for it, they need it to win if you would just wake up and realize they need you, NO THEY USE YOU! (people of color) to keep voting them into office they keep you dependent so they can keep the power. you need to vote for somone that would help impove your situation and allowing you to help yourselves insted of keeping their bootes on your neck to keep you dependent on the goverment theydo this so you keep voting them into office, wake up you are better than this, you are a strong people, stop playing the victom and vote for somone that will help you help yourself

  • Nas Coro

    What does Rush have to do with this article? This fellow and his cohorts know exactly what they are doing. We are getting ever so close to government dissemination of the news they want us to hear.

  • Rebecca R Bibbs

    Journalists have opinions, too. He wasn’t reporting. He was making a comment behind the scenes. He shouldn’t have been fired. An apology would have sufficed.

  • Anonymous

    “for joking” – If it was about a Conservative Reporter they would say because of “Racial Bias”.

  • RealJohnGalt

    Of course had the mic not been on the joke would have gotten a rousing laugh from the other libs around the table (as it probably did anyway) and the program would have gone on (like it did).

  • Anonymous

    Joking about what? What could he have possibly been joking about?

  • Anonymous

    PBS and ABC hired this liberal biased id..ot. You have to really wonder what really goes on at those organizations.

  • Scott Bergenstock

    You think he was joking, I don’t think it was a joke, this is just as bad as Rush’s comments about that girl and her birth control, o wait he was only joking too.

  • Guy Noir

    Fire the scapegoat and pretend Yahoo is offended….. A good way for Yahoo to cover their company culture and bias and look like they really are fair and balanced! Now Yahoo management, just add insult to injury: do you think we are stupid?