Michelle Obama’s DNC speech leaves journalists speechless

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Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention Tuesday left members of the news media gasping for superlatives, Rebecca Shapiro writes in The Huffington Post.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper tweeted that he has “never heard such a well delivered speech by a first lady ever.” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer echoed these sentiments, calling the speech “a grand slam.” John King noted that Obama’s speech was going to be “hard to top.” CNN’s Donna Brazile summed up the feeling in the convention center, tweeting “Love is in the air.

In his daily Morning Jolt email, the National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes, “I actually thought Michelle Obama had a really good speech, probably as good a case as can be made for Obama under these circumstances.”

And if you accept the notion that the number of tweets sent during an event is a useful journalistic metric, Twitter has stats for you. Three million DNC-related tweets flew Tuesday night, compared with four million over the course of the entire Republican National Convention, Adam Sharp writes. Also:

Among tonight’s keynotes, First Lady Michelle Obama’s (@MichelleObama) primetime speech peaked at 28,003 Tweets per minute (TPM) at its conclusion — nearly double Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s (@MittRomney) 14,289 peak. One line in her speech this evening — “we’ve got so much more to do” — saw 22,004 TPM.

“The next step though is for a sentiment analysis company to step in and tell us what all of these tweets mean for each party,” Drew Olanoff writes in TechCrunch. (My guess? It simply bears out Pew’s recent report that more Democrats than Republicans use social networks to talk politics.)

Back to the speech: Who wrote this triumph? Atlantic Digital Editor Bob Cohn tweeted that Bob Schieffer had reported Obama wrote the speech herself, a claim that seems at odds with the laws of physics in federal Washington: Surely someone is gonna try to take credit for this thing.

In a New York Times piece published Monday, Jodi Kantor wrote “Behind the scenes, Mrs. Obama’s advocacy for her husband can be so forceful that speechwriters have had to tone it down over the years for public presentation, aides say.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.perry2 Christian Perry

    The speech delivered by the First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the best speeches that I have heard from the two conventions. I personally thought that this speech was the highlight of the first night of the Democrat convention. When someone believes fully in what they are saying it makes it hard not to believe them and i feel that she meant and believed in every word that she said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Foley/1503616990 Rick Foley

    The haters need to suck it up and get with the reality that the infrastructure is crumbling around them. I don’t want to lose a family member to a bridge that collapsed because reinvestment in the country was seen as a poker chip to be gambled away. And neither should they. Countries are paying us to use their money through treasury bonds. USE IT! See Ezra Klein at Washington Post for more specifics.

  • L.S. Heatherly

    Michelle Obama’s 2012 Convention Speech
    The night a First Lady took old DC down, and lifted up a nation.
    Now we know why Obama has not strenuously courted congress.
    He has been courting a much more powerful, intelligent, graceful body.
    - L.S. Heatherly Blog

  • http://www.facebook.com/obinna.onyekwena Obinna Onyekwena

    So many of the posts on the internet criticizing Obama, his campaign and supporters sound so much like there’s a significant portion of America that is just filled with hate and ugliness. Most of those posts are written with hard to comprehend language and characterized mainly by irrational ignorant rants. Makes me fear that if these guys get their hands a few more times on power, something dreadful could happen in this world like some nuclear holocaust. Gives me the chills just thinking of a powerful USA run by a bunch of hateful schizos.

  • TruthBtold810

    Greatest speech i have ever witness a First lady give…simply amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Oh! I get it…

    The political administration of this nation is all about public speaking. I thought she was just desperate to hold on to a bedroom in the WH for her momma…