Huffington Post offers job to James Carter IV after he facilitates leak of Romney video to competitor

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James Carter IV made contact with the source of Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” video on Twitter, then courted him relentlessly. As Josh Lederman relays:

In a string of Internet conversations, Carter showed the source evidence that he had helped David Corn, a journalist with the magazine Mother Jones, report a story about Global-Tech Appliances Inc., a Chinese firm that Romney’s Bain Capital briefly invested in. Both Carter and the source suspected it was that firm’s factory that Romney was speaking about in the video.

We all know what happened next. Carter told Cenk Uygur on Current TV’s “The Young Turks,” “A lot of my supporters and my friends on Twitter have actually been saying that this is poetic justice for, you know, that it was a Carter that found this video that’s giving the Romney campaign so much trouble. And I agree with that.”

The former president, Lederman reported, sent his grandson an email saying in part, “This is extraordinary. Congratulations! Papa.”

“I don’t think he’s ever emailed me the word ‘extraordinary before,’ ” Carter, whose Twitter bio says he’s “Currently looking for work,” told Uygur. Lederman says Carter received a “string of job offers Tuesday, from the Ohio Democratic Party to online news sites like The Huffington Post and ThinkProgress.”

Bloomberg TV’s Matt Miller was incredulous that the video went out via Mother Jones, which he called “the National Enquirer for the left” in a conversation with Bloomberg View’s Josh Barro.

Miller: It’s like, I can’t believe that whoever made the video didn’t give it to a halfway respectable media outlet. Why not place it somewhere where most of the country would under — I mean, nobody knows what Mother Jones is except for the intellectual, sort of Northeastern and college crew.

Barro: First of all, I think you’re selling Mother Jones way short there. I think a lot of people like Kevin Drum and Adam Serwer are doing very good work there. But I think, you know, the question of why did this guy give it to an ideological outlet — I think, first of all, the tapes basically speak for themselves, so in terms of the political impact it didn’t really matter where you placed them so long as they got out into the discussion. My impression is that the guy who had the tapes had a relationship and felt comfortable with David Corn at Mother Jones and that’s why they ended up there. But I think the story is basically playing out just as it would have if they had gone out through something like The Times.

Mother Jones co-editor Clara Jeffery noted on Twitter Tuesday night that “The Daily Show”‘s Monday segment about the video didn’t credit her news organization, which got record online traffic from the video.

But does Mother Jones deserve credit for the scoop? Dylan Byers digs in on Huffington Post’s claim to the video. HuffPost, he writes, “was the first news outlet to publish a verified version of the clip, with a splash across the homepage that read, ‘Romney Leak: Obama Voters “Dependent on Government.” ‘ ”

It had part of the video and had been cajoling the source for the rest: “Our take was it was better to get the whole video than to go with a half-scoop,” Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim told Byers. “Then, when he let us know that we had lost, that he decided to give it to Corn, we rushed up the piece with what we had.”

Corn told Byers Mother Jones spent the past week verifying the video and published once it knew Huffington Post was going with the story. Grim told Byers, “Having the whole video is more important. There’s just no way I can sugar coat that.”

The result is that while Huffington Post can claim first, it is very likely that Mother Jones will claim history — a coup for the old media in a new-media age where a major premium is put on breaking news first.

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  • Gary Jammers Blogtv

    President Carter was one of the worst Presidents this country has ever had simple as that. Nice guy but just terrible as a leader.

  • Anonymous

    Revisionist perhaps, revising the GOP cover-up story..

    The truth did come out… and was buried, distorted and and dismissed by the GOP.

    The GOP neoCons did this, behind the backs of both Carter and Reagan.

    They damaged carters reputation by playing very dirty, unconscionable actually, because that is what they do…

    and they are still doing it… screwing up America, screwing up the world,

    Anti-social personalities are a human pathology, starting with defective genes, manifesting in a pyhsiological brain disorder, showing up in the psychology of the person, and causing major problems in every social relation in which they participate…

    a genetic/psycho/social disease… which is in the human genome.

    We live in the America’s hideous epoch, the rise of the sociopaths..

    there are more such incidents…

    and a pattern… always the same…

  • Ray Johnson

    Your idol George Bush was the worst President ever. He clearly would lose the title to Romney, but thanks to Carter’s grandson’s good work, that might not happen. And the fact you and the rest of the Fox Noise crowd are all worked up about it is just an added bonus.

  • UncleKenC

    Getting offered a job and being able to do the job is another factor. James was working as a waiter and looking for work, does he have what it takes to keep the job? Only time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    look, if the Iranians wanted the arms from the US, they had follow instructions for the payoff.

    Arms were traded…. the important thing was not the exact release date, so much as it was to get Carter to loose the election..

    The date made a political statement that favored the GOP…

    the last inauguration date, is when the GOP neoCons conspired to obstruct everything President Obama tried to get done.

    The GOP likes to do dirty tricks on Inauguration day… want to here more?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t make sense to do a reprehensible deal with an unstable group of people (can you trust them to keep quiet?!) and then have the deal go down the day you take office. Why not November 16? Or Christmas day?

    Of course, you also fully downplay the risk. You’re in a presidential campaign and you decide, yeah, let’s commit treason with some co-conspirators who hate us in order to chisel a few points at the polls and hope that nothing blows up in our face.

    In any case, this is all revisionist. The economy was the biggest issue (are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?) And the bit about paying off the students is pure invention. If anything, they discussed with the Iranian leadership, not the hostage takers. But again, you are just repeating rumor and hearsay like any irresponsible shill on Fox News. Way to go.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t make sense? are you kidding? it was the primary reason the GOP used to get Reagan elected.. the failure of Carter to get the hostages released… when all along they had paid off the Iranian student rebels, not to release them until after Carter lost the election..

    yes it is despicable, but that is what the GOP neoCons did to get Reagan into the Oval Office..

    and other dirty scummy unconscionable things..

  • Anonymous

    Ideally, one stands one’s ground when the ground consists of evidence. I suspect you have no real evidence, and certainly not enough to convict. (Many have tried and failed, and, as I tried to point out, the basic premise doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

    If you’re just leveling the accusation because you don’t like the other side’s policies, regardless of the particular facts of this case, doesn’t that make you just like them–that is, willing to say anything about your opponent if it casts them in a bad light (fact checkers be damned!)?

  • Anonymous

    no, not necessarily so….

    it was clear that deals were worked out behind Carter’s back, to give the GOP a bat to hit Carter…. up to the election…

    I stand my ground Carter was the first Presidential victim of the GOP neoCons… unconscionable tactics to accomplish unconscionable agenda.

    sociopaths always see social conscience -in this case Carter- as the enemy..

    lack of a functioning social conscience, “scruples” does not go deep enough

  • Anonymous

    Most likely not true, or at least not in its important details. Check wikipedia for a good summary. First question would be this: if you were going to do a traitorous deal to delay the release of American hostages, you would just arrange to have them released sometime shortly after the election. Not on the day of your inauguration. Right?

    Not that I disagree generally about the neocons lack of scruple.

  • Anonymous

    Now we all know for sure directly from Mitt Romney’s mouth to the cackle of his billionaire/millionaire friends, how little they thought of average Americans.

  • Ruby Bozeman Davis


  • Anonymous

    Republicans have used Former Pres Carter as a punch line for years. Especially Mitt Romney, this is sweet revenge for them i bet and well deserved especially for Mitt. Oh the Irony LOL

  • Anonymous

    Republicans have used Former Pres Carter as a punch line for years. Especially Mitt Romney, this is sweet revenge for them i bet and well deserved especially for Mitt. Oh the Irony LOL

  • Anonymous

    I am guessing that compensation for the Huffington Post “job” is a byline and $0.

  • Anonymous

    Carter, Navy Trained and qualified for every command position on Nuclear Submarines, including Captain Commander.

    Carter is a very smart man with a fully functioning social conscience.

    Carter said, Israel’s zionist government was expanding it’s borders, belligerent, and apartheid in its agenda with the Palestinians..
    Anti-social personality disorders -an incurable genetic disease- always sees conscience as inferior, stupid, and the enemy.

  • Anonymous

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  • KD

    Metal health ‘ll drive you mad.

  • doug sams

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  • Anonymous

    Carter sucked as Prez, and now it shows his grandson is just as bad. If you want to do something good for the country, try taping what Obama really thinks of this country.. Bunch of Hypocrites. Your grandfather is known as the worst Prez ever. Get over it. Can’t change history.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many people realize the unconscionable traitorous dirty subversive tricks the GOP neoCons pulled on President Carter.

    President Carter was the first presidential target/victim of the unconscionable GOP neoCons.

    President Carter has a fully functioning social conscience, that made him their target.

    During the Iranian Hostage Crises, the neoCons went to the Iran rebels, behind Carter’s back and worked a deal to NOT RELEASE THE HOSTAGES until after the election -which Reagan won- in return the neoCons gave Iran weapons… stinger missiles.

    That was subversion, treason, and unconscionable… Unconscionable is the main characteristic of the GOP neoCons. The GOP is a magnet for the genetic/psycho/social personality disordered.

  • Alan Abrams

    He must really be proud to have a senile anti-Semite as a grandfather. Jimmy Carter is a national disgrace. James Carter IV has a lousy lineage.