Which VP candidate’s home-state newspaper had the better post-debate front page?

Who won Thursday night’s debate: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan? Vice President Joe Biden? Moderator Martha Raddatz? The furniture?

The country’s chattering class may need all weekend to argue these points. But in terms of newspaper design, the Oshkosh (Wis.) Northwestern scored a decisive victory over the (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal. Wisconsin enjoys an unfair advantage in such competitions, with far more print outlets than tiny Delaware to choose from. But despite a snappy headline treatment, even the The Times-Tribune, the daily covering Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pa., can’t compete with the Northwestern’s use of negative space.

All front pages are courtesy the Newseum.

The space between Ryan’s and Biden’s heads resembles an inverted Grecian urn in the Oshkosh Northwestern’s instant classic front page.

The News Journal’s front shows a wonderful contrast between Biden and Ryan’s facial expressions.
Honorable mention goes to The Times Tribune for its kicky headline and deck.
The candidates are all business on the Wisconsin State Journal of Madison, not far from Ryan’s hometown, Janesville.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if this happening to other people, but the image is very unsteady at Poynter on Internet Explorer. I had to switch to Google Chrome, which I’m using to type this. Oh, and another thing: below the debate story, there’s a story about lead and arsenic found in the soil of a school in Oshkosh or nearby. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s ok with Ryan. Public schools are for the expendable 47%.

  • Anonymous

    “Action” photos from a live debate? Ya gotta be kidding. Boring!

  • http://www.facebook.com/thom.welby Thom Welby

    Naw, The Times-Tribune takes this one, like Biden took what’s his name!
    Plus photoshopping an image when you have 1 1/.2 hours of action from the LIVE debate??? Oh my gosh NO, to Oshkosh!

  • Tom Burton

    The Northwestern also had the advantage of using an uncredited image that appears to be a photo montage rather than a news photo from the debate. I’m not sure if it’s a fair comparison if one is a photo illustration and the others are photojournalism.