TV reporter unperturbed by cockroach crawling on him during live shot

NBC4 reporter Robert Kovacik somehow didn’t completely lose his mind when a large cockroach raced across his shoulders while he reported about unsolved homicides possibly linked to the Manson Family.

NBC’s video slows down the bug’s trip across Mt. Kovacik.

View more videos at:

Here’s an animated GIF of what I believe to be the most spine-tingling three seconds of that video:

On Twitter, Kovacik asks viewers to help him name the bug:

By Kovacik standards, this insult was pretty mild; in 2010 he was attacked while out with his friend Lisa Vanderpump, a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, and her husband.

Armed with a ukulele, two young Angelenos paid tribute to Kovacik’s “cool” earlier this year:

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  • Egg Man

    Living in Taiwan, where monster flying cockroaches live in my home in total peace with me, flying around at all hours of the night, even crawling over me while I am sleeping, deep vivid dream sleep thanks to Lipitor pills for my stented heart, this headline, Andrew, at first, made think the cucaracha was crawling over his face or skin so he could feel it, but it merely raced around his arms and shoulders over his suit jacket, he was NOT EVEN AWARE it was there. I am not going to write “don’t you have better things to post there, such as my rants about the overuse of scare quotes in the NYT and elsewhere” so I won’t, but you catch my drift, sir. Others here will post “must have been a slow day at the Poynter office” so i will not write that either. SMILE. a total NON story. —