Google wins $1 million worth of USA Today ads in Print Advertising competition

The New York Times
Google Creative Lab won a print-advertising contest run by USA Today. Publisher Larry Kramer tells The New York Times “he could see how people may consider it ‘hysterical,’” Stuart Elliott writes.

First prize is $1 million worth of advertising in USA Today. “A million dollars is nothing to laugh at,” Google Creative Lab Chief Creative Officer Robert Wong told Elliott. The contest was spawned after a conversation between Kramer and USA Today media columnist Michael Wolff, Elliott reports. Wolff was one of the contest’s judges.

The winning ad shows the first paragraph of a newspaper story about the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Via deft copy-editing marks, the ad shows how visa problems preventing a meeting between the two could have been solved by using a Google Hangout. Still, there’s something pretty uncomfortable about the Google unit that created Google News winning this thing, right? After all, Google earned more than the entire newspaper industry in 2011.

But even if the headline on this post reads like “Hurricane Sandy wins landscaping competition” to you, there’s a bright side: At least Google’s thinking about print advertising!

There are those who will applaud the outcome of the contest, which asked the entrants to submit print ads — existing or new — that they deemed their most creative. A company like Google, according to such people, ought to hear an “attaboy” or two when creating ads in print rather than online.

“I love the idea of using print to talk about a technology,” one judge, Tiffany Rolfe, said of the winning ad.

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  • Devin Wiles

    They don’t need to try, it’s already imploding. The print model is out of date, and its time has come and gone.

  • Bob Bigellow

    I think it would be worth more than the million in advertising if Google were to announce that they would forgo the free million and, instead, willingly pay one million for advertising in USA Today.

    The side effect of this might be that other organizations would stumble over each other trying to create their own competitions, hoping Google also enters and potentially wins, and becomes a new paying customer. Even if it never happens again, it will put Google at the center of a feel-good media storm for a little while.

  • Edward Woodcock

    I don’t know what the terms of the competition are, but would Google not use this as a trial for re-selling the printed advertising space? E.g. allow users to buy AdWords and a slot in a magazine.