Rock star says journalism was his ‘backup plan’
Before he became a rock star, Andrew Dost of the group fun. studied journalism at Central Michigan University. “I wasn’t even particularly interested in journalism until I took an intro class,” he tells Katherine Ranzenberger.

I loved the professor and I loved the challenges journalism brought, so I figured if I needed to study something as a backup plan, I might as well do something that fascinated me and had great professors.

Given the two career fields Dost focused on, we can probably all agree he may have been under-advised in high school — and that his band’s name probably drives copy editors crazy. Fun.’s record sales are doing well, and the band has been nominated for six Grammy awards.

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  • facebook-749911534

    Andrew, I am surprised you spell fun with a lowercase f and a period after the n. Can you please tell me in which stylebok you see the approval for that faux-pas? Even a top NYT copy desk veteran tells me: no no, should be cap F and no period. You don’t write Yahoo as Yahoo!, but that is their stylized name, too. So why the pass for Fun? – see post here: and revisit this with POV of top word mavens. I am sure there is a diff of opinion here: –

  • One_Man

    I guess what I mean is that his Plan B is many a young graduates Plan A

  • bleedingheart67

    Why frustrating? Goes back to him apparently being ‘under advised’ that he assumed it was a solid plan B. That his assumption was comical is what’s frustrating.

  • One_Man

    It’s a little frustrating to read an up-and-coming rock star say journalism was his back-up plan…while young journalism school graduates compete with each other for entry-level reporter jobs