Godin: ‘Perfect world’ of local media replaced by ‘something that’s impossible’

Borrell Associates
Local media used to be a “perfect business,” marketing macher Seth Godin says in a video preceding his appearance at an advertising conference. Those outlets’ “virtual monopoly” position in local communities once made them an excellent fit for local advertisers. But we all know what happened next …

The challenge is that that perfect world is being replaced by something that’s impossible. It’s impossible that somebody with no printing press, with no licence, with no authorization can put something in the world and have it read by a million people. It’s impossible to imagine that somebody can go buy a Canon camera for $499 and make something that looks like it was shot with a $10,000 Sony Betacam. … So when you’re in the local media business, you need to look and say, Here’s the good news: The good news is, I still have cashflow, I still have a reputation, I still have talented people. But you’re not going to be able to move forward unless you can also say, The revolution is here, and that thing I’m depending on, that perfect business, is gone.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/brianhaas Brian Haas

    I posted this on Twitter as well:

    This guy gets paid for this crap? Really bold of him to predict what has already happened. This sounds like an Onion Talks video.